A Poem
by Ned

On one hand, my much examined life,
Busy - filled with doing - my undoing.
Working to improve and understand,
Filling time with action and distraction.
Doing what I thought I could
with what I thought I had;
System closed - compelte and self-contained.
On the other, you, dream-conjured blessing,
Challenging, inviting me to step
beyond the place I thought the world turned flat
and tumble off the edge, with you, and fly.
With your soft words, deep silence of your eyes
the daring reassurance of your touch,
you've answered questions I forgot to ask
and wakened me to mysteries and awe.
Your face, dim in the dark - your shining eyes
familar contours of your trusting smile,
taste of your breath, its heat mingled with mine,
the hum of hearts and minds that sing in tune,
Have opened me to world and world to me
in messy joy, beyond my poor control.
The chance you took with me, and let me take
a gift of courage, trust and bright belief.
For this generous disruption - and for more
(cold tile beneath my feet- the shuttered dark -
Gaugin's blue hills - an African New Year...
a list so long - as our short lives are long)
I celebrate the gift this day has brought,
and offer up what little I can give -
my joyful noise, my foolish observations,
my memory, my honor, and my heart.