The Percy Dovetonsils Memorial Poetry Page
Dedicated to the man who put orange juice in his orange juice

Percy was my first introduction to performance poetry. Although most of it went over my head (I was only 6 or 7 at the time), I learned that poetry was supposed to be entertaining - could even be funny - and didn't need to be all that deadly serious. The sound of it, Percy's over-the-top enthusiasm and the way he poured out the poems with the same gusto with which he poured in the orange juice, were and are an inspiration to me.

I don't write a lot of poetry, but what I do write I work hard on and generally really enjoy. I am not much into publishing, but I do enjoy reading once in a great while, at local, low-key events. I love the idea of slam poetry - I used to write that kind of playful, edgy, loud-yawping stuff in college - and would like to find the time to work on some, but haven't yet.

Here are a couple of pieces I wrote to read at my 50th birthday party in 1996 (the first two) and a few others. I'll post some other pieces when I have time to find my book and transcribe them onto the computer.

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